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Scope of activities

Revision activities
The revision in the field of electro, issue of applications for electric power consumption in the Ústí, Karlovy Vary and Pilsen regions. The company has at disposal measuring instruments PK 310 No.3955359, PU 180 No.9683455, PU 182 No.9680671, PU 183 No.9680940, PK 430 No.8740823, DIG.LUX TESTER No. 6Cooo487-M/H, PU 185 No.9703535, DC 2500, MEDITEST 50 production No. 990607.
Electroassembly works
Delivery of electroinstallation components of the constructions, cabel connections and sets, lightning conductor system, reconstruction and repair of machine equipemt after revision or individually. A part of the complete work is delivery and assembly of devices, connecting and auxiliary material, equipment relating to the constructional part of the facility, functional and operational whole of technical and technological equipment of the construction, including the lighting and supporting activity of the relevant technologies. The extent of these main and auxiliary works depends mostly on the price of the material according to the current level in selling pricelists 21M, 22M, 46M and 741 for price level I/2002 and the prices of material according to the current level of the sellling prices of the Institute for construction rationalization Prague. Description of operational, functional and other other connections is given in the technical report. The work involves also auxiliary structures for grates, troughs, covering of distributions against occasional possible mechanical damage, manufacture and covering of partial openings, pockets for boxes, grooves for cabels etc. Fire fighting seals shall be required at a specialized company.
Engineer activities
An independent part of our activity are dealing with the documentation prepared by us at the relevenat authorities (government administration, North Bohemian power stations, West Bohemian power stations etc.) and obtaining the construction permits. We have experience in machine equipment performance and we can offer you the elaboration of individual operation rules, manuals, books of maintenance and repairs and protocols about conformity as necessary for manufacturer´s activities.
Business consulting activities

Calculation of heat losses in the buildings and suggested warming-up and calculation of the relevant power saving in the PROTECH Nový Bor programme, preparation of budgets and suggetions of prices for implementation of electrical installations or of construction parts in the programme and business consulting in the above mentioned field.

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